October 31, 2016

Coming soon…a new and improved KCDA website!


KCDA is currently underway with a complete update to our website KCDA.org and our product ordering system.  When completed, this new updated system will offer KCDA members a refreshed website with the following improvements and capabilities:


• An on-line ordering system.
• Intelligent search capability to assist members in identifying product options and availability.
• Member access for all types of devices including tablets and smart phones.
• Member access to extensive reporting capabilities.
• Instant messaging service.


KCDA’s project timeline for these website and product ordering upgrades, (subject to change) is as follows:


Spring 2016: Identify upgrades needed and review improvement options for KCDA.org.


Summer 2016: First test deployment of website upgrade – Review and testing by KCDA members and staff.


Fall 2016: Address remaining program development issues and set launch date for updated website and product ordering system. 


Projected launch date: TBD



Click here to View a demonstration of the NEW KCDA website.