Purchasing Team

KCDA Contract & Procurement Specialists issue over 90 bids annually

based on the needs of members, fulfilling their bid requirements.


Mark Pfeiffer

Director of Purchasing

Joined KCDA on August 16, 2017

Ext. 143, mpfeiffer@kcda.org


Contract and Procurement For:

Bus Stop Arm Cameras

Commercial Fitness Machines

Facility Maintenance Software

Industrial Arts & Career Technology Supply Catalog

Lighting, Sports Field and Court

Mobile Learning

Roofing Materials, Installation & Sitework

Technology Catalog

Joy Kuhlmann

Joined KCDA on September 16, 2016

Procurement Lead:

Art Supplies

Athletic & Sports Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment and Supplies

Avionics & Robotics



Grounds & Landscape

HVAC Filters

HVAC Maintenance Services

Interactive Technology

Lamps & Ballasts

Lunchroom Supplies

Maps and Globes

Mechanical Drawing

Modular Buildings

Patient Care Equipment

PE Equipment and Supplies


Ext. 133, jkuhlmann@kcda.org

Kathy Elliott

Joined KCDA on April 1, 1998

Contract and Procurement Specialist For:

Carpet and Specialty Flooring

Furniture (Artco Bell, General Furniture, Hon and Virco)

Musical Instruments



Ext. 149, kelliott@kcda.org

Paula Schilling

Joined KCDA on January 2, 2013

Contract and Procurement Specialist For:

Auditorium Seating


Classroom Aids

Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Custom Printed Materials

Ink & Toner Supplies


Maintenance Machines

Paper Supplies

Playground Equipment & Matting

Plumbing Equipment Parts & Supplies

Science Equipment & Supplies

Warehouse Supplies


Ext. 127, pschilling@kcda.org

Valerie Buckbee

Joined KCDA on February 16, 2016

Contract and Procurement Specialist For:

Athletic Surfaces

Chemical & Maintenance Supplies

Custodial Supplies

Early Childhood

First Aid

Food Commodities

Integrated Systems & Critical Communications

Library Supplies

Scoreboards and Marquis Signage

Sports Field Drainage Systems

Telephone Communications Systems

Water Bottle Filling Stations


Ext 134, vbuckbee@kcda.org

Jeanne Cassidy

Joined KCDA on February 1, 2017

Contract & Procurement Specialist For:

All General Supplies

Custom Printed Promotional Items

HVAC Building Systems

HVAC Materials & Equipment

Integrated Security Equipment and Fire Controls

LED Bulbs and Energy Assessment


Office and Classroom Supplies

Office Equipment/Business Machines

Tapes and Adhesives


Ext. 131, jcassidy@kcda.org

Mary Herman

Joined KCDA on September 17, 2007

Purchasing Assistant and Order Expeditor For:

Orders: Art Supplies, Ceramics, Crayola Support

Custom Stamps and Name Plates, Non-Standard Printer Toners & Special Projects


Ext. 119, mherman@kcda.org

Debbie Day

Joined KCDA on September 28, 2015

Senior Buyer

Custodial and Maintenance Support

Inventory Support

Item Maintenance

Special Quotations


Ext. 116, dday@kcda.org

Kiki Yuen

Joined KCDA on October 30, 2017

Purchasing Analyst

Copiers and Multi-Function Devices

Inventory Support

Item Maintenance

Modular Classroom Support

Special Quotations


Ext. 116, kyuen@kcda.org

Phone Numbers: 425-251-8115 ~ 800-422-5019

Fax Number: 253-395-5402


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