Summer Delivery Request for School Start Up Orders. . .

When would you like them delivered?

  • Timeline - Start up orders for the school year may be placed at a time convenient for your district.
  • Recommendation - We recommend getting orders to KCDA as early as possible, so that we can be certain to maintain sufficient inventory to cover the needs of every member. Our purchasing department is currently purchasing inventory based on members orders from previous years and will add to that as orders arrive.
  • Date Needed - Be certain when creating your cart to indicate when you would like your order delivered. Delivery is on a first come first served basis. We will try to honor your requested dates.
  • Scheduled Shipments - For high usage items, or ones that are needed at a specific time (copy paper, towels, tissues or pencils for WASL) we recommend using KCDA Scheduled Shipment program. One PO, one order with deliveries according to your needs is a simple way to be certain you will never be without those key products.

    To help us better manage the shipment of your summer orders please complete the following information and submit to KCDA. We will be scheduling orders as we receive your requests. Since this is on a first come first served basis, we recommend you submit this form by May 31st.

    Information Request:

    1. Date Start Up Delivery is:

    Requested Date:

    Alternate Date:

    Requested Delivery Hours:


    2. Orders are to Ship to:

    School - District Office

    Alternate Site (please specify)

    Delivery Hours?

    Days of the Week Closed?


    3. Equipment Needed for Delivery:

    Lift Gate

    Pallet Jack

    Fork Lift


    4. Does your location have staff that may require next day delivery?


    Yes, please indicate in the mark for of your order "next day delivery"


    5. May we ship regular orders during the summer?


    No, Please list last day for delivery



    6. Special Instructions:



    District School

    Your Name Summer Contact

    Alternate Contact

    Summer Phone # Summer e-mail address

    Cell Phone #


    If you have any questions please contact customer service; phone: 425-251-8115, 800-422-5019, fax: 253-395-5402 or email